Feliks K. Fine Artist's Acrylic Paints (Naphthol Red Medium) (BACKORDER)


About Feliks K. Fine Artist's Acrylic Paints (Naphthol Red Medium) (BACKORDER)


"Paints are currently on BACKORDER and estimated to ship out on or before February 20th. Thank you for your patience!"


Naphthol Red Medium (60ML) 1 Tube - "Feliks K" brand Fine Artist's Acrylics

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- Made with colorfast pigments in 100% acrylic resin
- Specially formulated for maximum pigment loading possible for each color, contain no fillers or extenders
- Generous drying time will be appreciated by professional artists and beginners alike, great for color blending

Care instructions: Can be thinned with water or extended with acrylic mediums. Keep brushes wet while using. Clean up with soap and hot water after each use

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