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Acrylic paints dry fast which can make it difficult to create works you are proud of. In the CBF painting academy you will learn techniques that Feliks has developed through years of experimentation for keeping your acrylics workable longer. These techniques are key to creating smooth blends and achieving the results you desire. In these courses, be personally guided toward mastery in working with acrylics from a basic beginner level to advanced painting lessons that you can access anytime, anywhere.
Receive step-by-step guidance from Feliks
allowing you to ask questions and clear up frustrations along the way
25+ hours of instruction including the ColorByFeliks blending technique
as well as tips and tricks enabling you to keep your paints wet and workable longer
4 exclusive step-by-step lessons
not available anywhere else
Access the Private ColorByFeliks Facebook community group
of over 800 members where you can share your progress and get insights from other talented artist/members
Receive Lifetime Access
So you can paint anytime, anywhere!
Training for all skill levels
this course will help you improve your art

Create acrylic paintings you are proud of, learn techniques for keeping your acrylics wet and workable, and get LIFETIME ACCESS to exclusive paintings tutorials not available anywhere else

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ColorByFeliks Course Selections

3 monthly payments

Over 25 hours of video training taught by Feliks, including material selection, mixing, layering, and brushstrokes.

How-to lessons covering different scenes and styles.

Go deeper into his unique blending technique that will make a big difference in acrylic work.

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One-time payment

Over 25 hours of video training taught by Feliks, including material selection, mixing, layering, and brushstrokes.

How-to lessons covering different scenes and styles.

Go deeper into his unique blending technique that will make a big difference in acrylic work.

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Bonus painting lessons

Get 4 Additional Full Step by Step Lessons with Over 8 Hours of Teaching. Exclusive painting lesson topics only available in the bonus lessons package including:

Galaxy Sky

Whale Ocean

Father Son

Purple Trees

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Mini Course Bundle

Blending Course
One of the main questions I get about working with acrylics is "how do your paints stay wet for so long?" This mini course answers that and introduces you to the ColorByFeliks blending technique.

Mixing Course
We will go step by step to learn about mixing your own colors from the primary colors, we will create a color chart together and we will mix some basic scenes together.

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ColorByFeliks Masterclasses

Get step by step instruction from Feliks in these acrylic painting masterclasses. These are one-off lessons where Feliks goes in depth to teach you how to paint a certain landscape painting.

Each lesson is approx. 2 hours+ of instruction and comes with reference photo and color mixing guide. Hope to see you in there!

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Your success is important to us! That is why we offer a FULL REFUND within 7 days if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase!
Your lifetime access to the ColorByFeliks painting academy includes
Step-by-step instruction from Feliks Karpachuk also known as ColorByFeliks
4 exclusive painting tutorials
Over 25 hours of coaching on how to work with acrylics
Digital ebooks related to color mixing and blending
Access to the academy Facebook community with over 800 members
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It’s time to master your work with acrylics and take your art to the next level
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Master acrylic painting and create art you are proud of
What makes the Painting Academy so special? It’s all about the step by step training. In the academy, you’ll have access to Feliks and the painting community to answer any questions and make sure you are able to progress and see improvement in you art. Get feedback on your art in our painting academy community with over 800 members. Feel inspired to create and learn new techniques. Paint and blend your acrylics with ease. Return to any lesson, anytime, anywhere for more practice


Is this course a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?
The ColorbyFeliks Painting Academy is a one-time payment and you will never be charged monthly. There may be other monthly payment offers available on the site, but this is a standalone video course.
When will I get access?
After purchase, you will get a confirmation email immediately. Just make sure to also check your Spam/Junk folder to check if the email was not there. If you still do not received an email confirmation with your access, please send an email to
Can I change my email address or password?
Yes you can do that under the settings tab
What if I erronously type in my email address?
If you still have the erroneous username and password, you can use that to login and change the email address under the settings tab
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“He's a great artist and instructor. He made me excited about painting again.”
Raquel Martinez
“Best art tutorials that I have ever watched. So throughly explained. I love how he explains things in different ways and also encourages you to try other things on your own. He is a brilliant and talented guy!”
Diana Hart
“Beautiful art great tutorials. I have joined his academy to improve on my own art. I have learned so much so far. A great opportunity for anyone.”
Rachael Jacobs


week 1
Course Introduction

Module 1 - Welcome to the ColorByFeliks Paintings Academy!

Module 2 - My Art Story

Module 3 - Course Overview

week 2
Materials Overview

Module 1 - All About Brushes

Module 2 - Different Kinds of Paints

week 3
Mixing Your Own Paints

Module 1 - Learnings to Mix Your Own Colors

Module 2 - Proper Palette Color Layout

Module 3 - Practice Mixing Shades

week 4
Blending Technique

Module 1 - Blending Technique

Module 2 - Blending Technique

Module 3 - Brush Cleaning

week 5

Module 1 - Why You Paint in Layers

Module 2 - Burnt Umber Demonstration

Module 3 - Raw Umber Demonstration

Module 4 - Overlaying

week 6
Inspiration & Mindset

Module 1 - Inspiration & Mindset

week 7
Trees & Clouds Painting

Module 1 - Sky & Clouds (Part 1)

Module 1 - Sky & Clouds (Part 2)

Module 1 - Sky & Clouds (Part 3)

Module 2 - Trees & Landscapes (Part 1)

Module 2 - Trees & Landscapes (Part 2)

Module 2 - Trees & Landscapes (Part 3)

Module 2 - Trees & Landscapes (Part 4)

week 8
Foggy Forest Painting

Module 1 - Foggy Forest Painting

Module 2 - Foggy Forest Painting

Module 3 - Foggy Forest Painting

Module 4 - Foggy Forest Painting

week 9
White Tiger Painting

Module 1 - White Tiger Painting

Module 2 - White Tiger Painting

Module 3 - White Tiger Painting

Module 4 - White Tiger Painting

Module 5 - White Tiger Painting

week 10
Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 1 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 2 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 3 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 4 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 5 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 6 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 7 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

Module 8 - Advanced Waterfall Painting

week 11
Bonus Video!

Module 1 - Finalizing Your Artwork