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ColorByFeliks is Committed to Supporting Artists By:

Giving a platform to undiscovered artists worldwide

Compensating artists financially and with art supplies

Providing free art resources for artists to develop new skills and get inspired

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How ColorByFeliks Began

Over his past 17 years of experimentation with acrylics, Feliks developed and refined his unique blending technique which allows acrylics to stay wet and workable longer. In the spring of 2017 Feliks’ wife Andrea encouraged him to start sharing his art on Instagram where he opened his page @colorbyfeliks and would share painting process videos. Many of his videos have gone viral on the internet and he now has painting collectors all over the world. During this time, he was able to gather a painting community of over 2 million people on his social media platforms. Feliks is most excited about being able to help aspiring artists by providing free resources to help them grow in their art journey and encourage artists to keep creating. He hopes to continue being able to support artists by providing lessons, products, inspiration and a platform for emerging artists around the world.

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