Feliks' Favorite
Rotating Easel


About Feliks' Favorite
Rotating Easel




Ideal for everyone from pastel artists to pour painters, this fully adjustable rotating art easel is set to change the life of any artist!

Unbox your studio easel and discover a whole new realm of creativity.

Order yours now!

  • Paint all four sides of your canvas
  • Tilt, spin or rotate your work to follow the light, stay comfortable and free your creativity!
  • Work with your artboard or canvas in a true horizontal position (and easily turn it while working)
  • Paint multiple canvases at one time
  • Suits a variety of canvas shapes and sizes
  • Paint comfortably sitting or standing
  • 27 x 12 x 8", 14lbs


info icon Additional Import fees/other Custom fees may apply and vary depending on which country you are from

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