Not too long ago I almost literally committed suicide and took my own life, I was fighting severe trauma and depression. Maybe some of you reading this, can relate to what that feels like.

Being here and joining Instagram led me to finding the art community I never knew existed, and I began feeling inspired. It truly completely distracted me from my suicidal thoughts&feelings.

One particular artist @colorbyfeliks I discovered, shared easy to understand and follow along painting tutorials. I began to paint his tutorials and even my children joined me in painting. It was so much fun!! I was reminded of my love for creating, coloring, &painting. It truly gave me peace and joy, the kind of joy I could remember when I was a little girl in my childhood.

This art piece is truly a dedication piece to Felix and all of you (you know who you are), who have dm me and shown me support, encouragement and love, personally.. or for my art!

Here Felix is shown sharing his gift of art✨💫 He is painting myself when I was a little girl just peacefully blowing Instagram colored bubbles💙💜💗❤️🧡💛which represent the love,friendships,and support...I wouldn’t have found without this platform!

@Instagram thank you for giving me the opportunity to find these connections with so many amazing people&artists from around the world... who I can say literally saved my life!