2020 ColorByFeliks Year in Review & Looking Forward

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Through the many struggles and feelings brought on by the pandemic, I was very encouraged to see so many of you in my community taking to your canvases and creating through all the difficulty... Read More


  First Inspiration Blog Post!

My first blog post describing my vision and inspiration from photos that I took on a recent hike for the painting I'm working on called "Feels Like Home"... Read More

  Miami Trip (January 22-31st)

One of my greatest inspirations for my artwork is travel...seeing new cultures, trying new foods and being in a new setting always sparks my creativity and because of this I am hoping to incorporate more travel ...Read More

  Finding Inspiration in Nice, France

This past week, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a few days in Nice, France and wanted to share some of my inspirations from my experience...Read More

Making Art in Maui

  Making Art in Maui

I saw all kinds of things in Maui, Hawaii that inspired me, but one day in particular really made me want to create. I'd love to tell you a quick story about how a regular day or a random moment can turn into artistic inspiration,...Read More