ColorByFeliks M1 Blending Brushes

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About ColorByFeliks M1 Blending Brushes



⭐ Receive a FREE blending mini course and ebook on blending and taking care of your brushes! (Will be sent to your email after purchase)

⭐ Get buttery blends with acrylics

⭐ Create beautiful paintings using acrylic paints

⭐ Make working with acrylics easy

⭐ Say GOODBYE to sticky mediums and retarders

⭐ Congratulations you have found the Original Feliks K designed and tested M1 Blending Brush as seen on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

ColorByFeliks Blending Brushes NOW Available in 3 variants:

-M1 Blending Brush: great for big paintings and large coverage for blending backgrounds. 


-M2 Blending Brush: medium blending brush, works great on smaller paintings or subjects such as clouds and fog

-M3 Blending Brush: works best for small areas of blending where the bigger brushes can't reach

• Brush will last through several years of frequent use when cared for properly.

• Hand-made with soft goat hairs (cruelty-free, no animals are harmed in the process)

Care instructions: After each use, wash with soap and luke-warm water. Avoid allowing brush to sit with dried paint.   

**Please Note: it is normal for some shedding to occur on the first few uses, once the brush has been broken in it will get fluffier and minimal shedding will occur


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Blu Dowdy
My art has had an amazing transformation thanks to feliks

These brushes were a gift from my sister in law..These brushes are an absolute game changer. They do the blending for you practically. I've never used better brushes 💙💙 thank you feliks and co.

Thank you Blu! Your feedback means a lot to us and so glad to hear you are loving your brushes :)


Chrisanna Fagan
M1 Blending Brushes

These brushes are awesome !!!
They make blending so easy and soft looking.
It's like to colors just melt into each other.
I definitely recommend these brushes !!!!

Tim Nelson
Blending brushes

I really like the blending brushes but you make it look a lot easier than it is, lol. Still working on getting the hang of it.
Practice, practice, practice......

Denise Johnson
M 1 brushes

Love them!

Sherry France
Very nice brushes

I have been looking for some good blending brushes and these fit the bill. I am happy with them. They are nice brushes.