ColorByFeliks Complete Brush Bundle

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About ColorByFeliks Complete Brush Bundle



ColorByFeliks Complete Brush Bundle includes:

-M1 Blending Brush: great for big paintings and large coverage for blending backgrounds
-M2 Blending Brush: 
medium blending brush, works great on smaller paintings or subjects such as clouds and fog
-M3 Blending Brush: 
works best for small areas of blending where the bigger brushes can't reach
-#8 Brush: great for adding leaves and bushes
-#4 Brush: great for adding leaves and bushes in smaller sections
-#0 Detail Brush: big belly handle for a good grip, fine point to help with adding sharp, tiny details and smooth lines
-#1/2 Flat Brush: straight, hard edge lines 

M1, M2, M3 3-Piece Set Available here!     

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This bundle of brushes was made exclusively for Feliks ater years of experimenting and careful testing of each brush and is 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 

Brushes will last through several years of frequent use when cared for properly.

Blending brushes are hand-made with soft goat hairs (cruelty-free, no animals are harmed in the process)

Care instructions: After each use, wash with soap and luke-warm water. Avoid allowing the brush to sit with dried paint.


**Please Note: it is normal for some shedding to occur on the first few uses, once the brush has been broken in it will get fluffier and minimal shedding will occur

**Additional Import fees/other Custom fees may apply and vary depending on which country you are from**
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lisa Harmes

Love the brushes. Having fun exploring new techniques. Thank you for a great product

Jackie Hall
Fabulous brushes

I ordered the complete brush set after watching a few demos of them. After I purchased I was surprised by receiving an email with instructions on how to use them correctly. It was a wonderful surprise! So Extremely happy with the brush I purchased this large paint set!! Can’t wait to use them all!!

Michael Meyer
The Blending brushes you need

These are the brushes you need to do a proper blending! Glad I ordered.

Trudi S

I have loved these brushes. The blending brushes create a smooth transition of colors. I am still exploring with these brushes but love the results so far. Combined with the colorbyFeliks paints I am excited to see finished results <3

Dreamy blending brushes!

I have only used the large blender so far but it does work great, with minimal bristles falling out/shedding. I do recommend this brush set.