Finding Inspiration in Nice, France

This past week, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a few days in Nice, France and wanted to share some of my inspirations from my experience.

I’ve been traveling along the coast of France for the last few weeks and out of the French Riviera Nice was my favorite location due to the amazing architecture, museums, and beautiful scenery.

There is a lot to do while visiting Nice so I wanted to break it down for you and share with you some very inspirational locations that I would definitely recommend you visit if you’re ever in the area or decide to make the trip to France.

I visited 3 museums while in the area the Marc Chagall Museum, Henri Matisse Museum, and the Massena Museum.

**Side note: if you purchase a museum ticket for 10 Euros it gives you access to all the museums you’d like to visit for 24 hours! Would definitely recommend this option if you plan to visit multiple museums.


Marc Chagall Museum: this was definitely my favorite museum. It was so inspirational to me that each of his pieces shares such deep stories about his own life but also about the history from the Bible. His pieces translate these stories in detailed drawings with the use of vibrant colors that portray emotions.

Marc Chagall Museum - mosaics and stained glass windows




Chagall not only painted but also expressed himself creatively by doing mosaics and stained glass windows in addition, he also painted on furniture such as pianos! I could totally relate to that since I enjoy painting on objects such as mirrors.

Song of Solomon’s room which he dedicated to his wife

My favorite part of this exhibition was the Song of Solomon’s room which he dedicated to his wife. It was beautiful and very inspiring the way that he portrayed his love for her through the use of the colors pink and red and through music.

The great part of this museum is that they give you an ear piece where you can listen to the history behind each piece in English at no additional cost.

listening to the history behind each piece in English Marc Chagall Museum - Nice


Henri Matisse Museum: really enjoyed this museum as well for different reasons. It is really cool to walk through the museum and see how Matisse’s style shifted so much over time! It inspired me that it’s okay to explore and try new styles, especially if even Matisse changed his style so much over time.

Henri Matisse Museum Entrance

Matisse begin his art journey painting very detailed works and eventually his pieces became less and less detailed. I also really enjoyed that this museum told the timeline and story of his life and journey as an artist. It was very interesting and inspiring to learn more about him.

Henri Matisse Museum Henri Matisse Museum


Massena Museum: honestly this museum was very intricate and beautiful but was my least favorite. It was more about the history of Nice and had a lot of older paintings of people. It has a really nice garden and the property is really beautiful but just wasn’t so much my style. It is right near the boardwalk by the beach so it is a quick stop if you’d like to check it out on the way to the beach.

Massena Museum


Castle Hill: This next location isn’t a museum but a very inspiring park and location in Nice that my wife and I walked through for about an hour.

Castle Hill

It has 360 degree views of the city and is really amazing to go at sunset for a view of the whole city. On top of the gorgeous views, the park itself is really nice for landscape inspirations and greenery.

"Notre Dame in Nice"

Notre Dame in Nice


Hotel 66 Nice: I had to mention where we stayed during our time in Nice because it made our trip so special. We had a bad experience with our first hotel so we actually found this hotel and moved after our first day.

Hotel 66 Nice

Hotel 66

We have never felt so welcomed at a hotel, the staff was so friendly and helpful, even at breakfast the chefs would come out to make sure everything was good. Everything was very clean and the beds extremely comfortable. This hotel honestly made our trip so special. The best part is that it was not expensive! I would highly recommend staying here for your next trip to Nice :)