*NEW* Endeavor - Fine Arts Artisan Coffee Blend (Feliks K x Caffe Lusso Collaboration)


About *NEW* Endeavor - Fine Arts Artisan Coffee Blend (Feliks K x Caffe Lusso Collaboration)



The Story Behind Feliks K. x Caffè Lusso Coffee Roasters

Art connects people. In the colors and textures of a canvas, we experience a universal language. Through my paintings, I have been able to connect with millions of people all across the globe.

Many of us wouldn't even be able to hold a conversation in the same language. Through art, however, we understand each other through the emotions on the canvas and the connection is made.

I come from western Washington State, where coffee shops are everywhere. They're a place to warm up on a rainy day, or to gather with friends and fellow artists.

It's a huge part of the culture there, so when I first started selling my paintings, coffee shops seemed like a natural fit. Just like art itself, coffee is a way for people to connect.

Before anyone knew me as ColorByFeliks, you could buy my paintings in coffee shops around Western Washington. 
Coffee is an essential thing for many artists like myself.

To this day, I start every day by brewing a cup for me and my wife Andrea. Sipping that first warm, delicious cup is an essential way for me to slow down, get into the moment, and prepare my mind for the day of creativity ahead.

Coffee has been such a pleasant part of my art journey that I knew I wanted to collaborate with a coffee roaster.

I was blessed enough to meet Philip Meech, the owner of Caffè Lusso Coffee Roasters, an established award-winning craft roastery. Philip views coffee in the same way that I see art: as a means for people to connect.

Unlike many big corporations, he sources his coffee from "micro lot" growers, building strong personal relationships with the growers themselves. This direct-trade sourcing model is not only fair but sustainable.

Philip believes that strong human connections have the power to change the way we consume coffee and do business. Everyone wins when we connect.

Now that my audience is global, I feel a great responsibility to use our worldwide connections for good. That is why I feel so strongly about partnering with Philip and Caffè Lusso Coffee Roasters.

Together, we can make an international impact for good and connect people with coffee that is value-driven. So that brings me to the big announcement:


I’m so excited to introduce the launch of “Endeavor,” an artistic blend of fine coffees from Central America created by Philip Meech and roasted EXCLUSIVELY for our ColorByFeliks Community.


This wonderful coffee delivers smooth, rich, and chocolatey flavor notes that we are certain will delight you. It’s what you’ll find in my cup.

It’s my favorite way to contemplate my next creative “Endeavor.” We chose this name because it's a nod to the creative process with all of its sufferings and joys, trials and triumphs. I know you can relate.

If you love great coffee, we know you’ll love Endeavor. 

When you drink a cup of Endeavor, you'll:

  • Support small farmers through direct trade
  • Support the ColorByFeliks Community and our mission of Encouraging Creativity
  • Enjoy a connoisseur coffee experience made specially for you


Art connects people. Coffee connects people. Let's use the power of that connection for good.

ColorByFeliks and Caffè Lusso Coffee Roasters, Encouraging Creativity together.

Sign up now to experience the creativity and complexity of Endeavor for yourself coming soon!

*For now, our coffee products are only available for shipping within the US*

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