Winner of the Colorbyfeliks 1st Annual Painting Challenge Jan. 2020

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Story of Suleman Rehman:

I, Muhammad Suleman Rehman a Pakistani local artist currently a student of A2. Started this work officially when I was in my o'levels. Participated in many local arts competition but this was my first ever international art contest.Art is my passion since my childhood and I want to pursue this as my career. I believe we all create art for ourselves whether it’s a painting or sketch. I started it to become more myself but I faced many circumstances.

People don’t understand the fact that it is very difficult to remain dedicated to your true vision. Sometimes it’s very hard to ignore opinions of others or family. It doesn't feel good to be judged, especially when someone doesn't know your story. How would you know their everyday struggle? The world today is very competitive and it's very hard to reach our goals but I hope we all make it. You just need look at yourself you are doing much better than you were doing in your past. It’s all about doing what you love to do and one day you will see the best version of yourself, the way just I did.

One of the famous artist inspired me! This quote took my heart away to become an artist. "I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart" Vincent Van Gogh