ColorByFeliks M2 Goat Hair Blending Brush


About ColorByFeliks M2 Goat Hair Blending Brush


-M2 Goat Hair Blending Brush: medium blending brush, works great on smaller paintings or subjects such as clouds and fog

Also Available in M1, M2 and M3 Brush Bundle


M2 was made exclusively for Feliks after years of experimenting and careful testing of each brush and is 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

• Brushes will last through several years of frequent use when cared for properly.
• Blending brushes are hand-made with soft goat hairs (cruelty-free, no animals are harmed in the process)

Care instructions: After each use, wash with soap and luke-warm water. Avoid allowing the brush to sit with dried paint.   

**Please Note: it is normal for some shedding to occur on the first few uses, once the brush has been broken in it will get fluffier and minimal shedding will occur

info icon Additional Import fees/other Custom fees may apply and vary depending on which country you are from

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Great Brush

With blending you need a good quality brush. Color by Feliks product is what you
are looking for. Not only a great artist but has the knowledge of what you need to
make a picture blended with perfection. Thanks Feliks