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(e-Book) Your Pocket Guide to Color Mixing

(e-Book) Your Pocket Guide to Color Mixing

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There are many benefits to being able to mix your own paint colors from the 3 primary colors in addition to black and white. A couple of these being reduced cost/amount of paint, and the ability to connect more with the art you are creating.   

Over the years, I have developed my own blending technique using a mop brush to make my backgrounds and colors blend smoothly. Mastering color using acrylic paint requires a willingness to experiment with mixing your own color combinations.

This 20 pg. e-book will show you how to mix your own acrylic paints using the three primary colors of red, blue and yellow in combination with black and white. In this guide, you will learn about:

• The relationships between these primary colors and a range of shades
• Color theory, one of the most important aspects of painting
• What colors when mixed create what new colors
• Mixing colors for specific aspects of paintings
• Basic materials needed to get started with acrylic paints

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