M1 Goat Hair Blending Brush + Handmade Brush Soaps SET

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 **Lavender and Orange Soaps are on BACKORDER and will be available on March (exact date to be advised)

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1. ColorByFeliks M1 Goat Hair Blending Brush (1 pc) - This superior quality Natural Goat Hair Brush is hand-made in the USA exclusively for Feliks and is 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Hand-made with soft goat hairs (cruelty-free, no animals are harmed in the process)

2. All Natural Feliks K. Handmade Brush Soaps (6 oz) (1 pc) - Handcrafted with all-natural, responsibly resourced oils & pure essential oils that will clean your brushes, while leaving them soft and supple. Suitable for all paint mediums. *Lemon scent is currently on backorder, will be available to ship 9/20/19

3. (e-Book) Your Pocket Guide to Color Mixing - There are many benefits to being able to mix your own paint colors from the 3 primary colors in addition to black and white. A couple of these being reduced cost/amount of paint, and the ability to connect more with the art you are creating.  *Your ebook will be automatically sent directly to your email. (If you cannot find the ebook download link in your Inbox, please check your spam folder)