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First Inspiration Blog Post!

First Inspiration Blog Post!

Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog post. I will be using this space to document my inspirations which mostly come from the places around me that I am able to explore and document which then become aspects of my pieces. This first post will demonstrate where I got my inspiration for my piece: "Feels Like Home".

Many people often ask me: "Do you use reference photos for your paintings or do they come from your imagination?" The simple answer is both! I love to take photos, so when I'm out and about either traveling or in my home town of Seattle, I will take some photos and then use aspects from the photos and incorporate them into my own style to translate my vision.

These photos below were taken from a recent hike I went on near North Bend in Washington State. This hike is called "Kendall Katwalk", it was supposed to be a sunny day in September but really ended up being very misty and rainy! At first, I was bummed out, but it actually gave me the inspiration to make a misty forest with some mushrooms. 

My Inspiration to my original Painting "Feels Like Home"


This piece "Feels Like Home" is still a work in progress, I will continue to work on adding details but I hope these photos will give you a better idea of where I got my inspiration for this painting.


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  • Feliks! I’m totally amazed by your skill – I’m watching your youtube videos!
    I’m a nurse and I’m focused on learning a new hobby during our social distancing restrictions. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I’m planning on starting my first painting today…wish me luck!

  • I want to thank you so much for your great tutorials. I am 53 y/o nurse and I have truly enjoyed learning how to paint with acrylics by watching your videos. I’m learning so much and a few came out pretty darn good(I feel). I wanted to ask if you also do oils? I have been thinking about trying oils also. Please continue the awesome work, you have touched alot of people’s lives. Very grateful.

    Gail Duet
  • Your teaching method is what hooked me, I am 68years old and am enjoying each lesson I can find on youtube. Your blending method took some time to learn but not I have completed 9 pictures that look very good. Are you planning any more lessons and how can I get more.. Thank you for your great teaching methods, stay well..

  • I have used arcylic on and off now for several years or longer. I enjoy watching several artist on YouTube, and have just recently found you. I admire the work and friendly manuar of Bob Ross and his work and speed with great results in OIL. I ,at age 76, have yet to try oils because I like the drying time of arcylics and the ability to layer them. So this brings me to YOU. You have a great manner in your tutorials – I very much like that, also I now have a new way to approach the blending that you do. Thank you for this. It is exactly what is the bridge I was trying to accomplish in arcylics

    Mike Hamper
  • Hello Feliks!! I absolutely adore your style and your paintings. I am new to this art and you are my favorite youtube acrylic artist on youtube. You explain so well and your paintings are wonderful.


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