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Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog post. I will be using this space to document my inspirations which mostly come from the places around me that I am able to explore and document which then become aspects of my pieces. This first post will demonstrate where I got my inspiration for my piece: "Feels Like Home".

Many people often ask me: "Do you use reference photos for your paintings or do they come from your imagination?" The simple answer is both! I love to take photos, so when I'm out and about either traveling or in my home town of Seattle, I will take some photos and then use aspects from the photos and incorporate them into my own style to translate my vision.

These photos below were taken from a recent hike I went on near North Bend in Washington State. This hike is called "Kendall Katwalk", it was supposed to be a sunny day in September but really ended up being very misty and rainy! At first, I was bummed out, but it actually gave me the inspiration to make a misty forest with some mushrooms. 

This piece "Feels Like Home" is still a work in progress, I will continue to work on adding details but I hope these photos will give you a better idea of where I got my inspiration for this painting.



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  • @Dodie Thank you! That is very kind of you and I appreciate you and your husband’s great support!

    Feliks on
  • Hi, my husband is a painter and I am the glass an resin Artist. I am so excited to have found you an looking forward to videos an stuff! Your such inspiration and smart! God Blessed you! !

    Dodie Connor on
  • First I must say how much I enjoy your tutorials. I am wanting to get the brushes you actually use as I don’t really see what you use in the store. If you would please tell me where to order them I would appreciate it. When I try to make leaves on the trees or the grass in the waterfall scene it just comes out too flat, thanks and I will continue to enjoy………Jo Jones

    Jo on
  • Феликс, спасибо, за первый пост в блоге! Он получился замечательным! Вдохновение! Это очень интересно, где берут вдохновение такие талантливые люди, как вы! Ответ – В мире вокруг нас)))

    Ирина Кондратюк on
  • Hello. Thank you so much for such detailed instructions. It is very helpful. I am brand new to painting and I am following you for inspiration and technique. My first try was today. I must say you make it look so easy haha. I was not very successful but I will keep learning. I have wanted to paint my whole life and at 42 I’m finally doing it :)

    Raya Boyd on

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